Matt Baltsar for State Rep, District 194

About Matt Baltsar

I'm a technology consultant with a long time passion for politics. The 2016 election finally convinced me of the wisdom in the phrase "All politics is local," and I decided to find a way to contribute to the local Libertarian Party. Now I'm running for State Representative.

I want to see an end to the corruption and cronyism in Harrisburg. I want to reduce all forms of government burdens to encourage more people to live, work, and start businesses in Pennsylvania. I want to be elected to create good government, not backroom deals and special favors.

Voters are ready for something different. I was pleasantly surprised with the overwhelmingly warm reception I received while gathering signatures to appear on the ballot. People generally agree that they want the government off their backs. As a Libertarian, I'm running to give voters a better choice than the lesser of two evils they've been presented with for years. No more regulations written by special interests. No more corporate welfare for entire industries that cannot stand on their own merit. No more laws prohibiting the choices of consenting adults. Enough is enough!

In Philadelphia, we basically have single-party rule. The Democrats control almost all positions and the Republicans are content to pick up the scraps. I'm proud to offer my neighbors a real choice in November.

Property Tax Reform

No one should lose their home because their property taxes increase.

Fair Districts

The gerrymandering that divides our neighborhoods is absolutely absurd. Why does our district contain two different counties? Let's put redistricting in the hands of an independent citizens commission.

End Cannabis Prohibition

Our current Democrat governor is absolutely incorrect when he says that Pennsylvania isn't ready. We all know that adults can make their own choices. It's past time our state allowed it. The war on drugs is a failure and a waste of resources.

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